Ogagwejimaan means he/she asks him.

The newsletter and website together will ask the people of ANA very important questions. These questions need answers.

How do we make a living from the earth without destroying it?

How do we maintain a culture in a swiftly shifting world?

How do we continue our way of life when there are activities in our Traditional Land Use Area that threatens our Aboriginal and Treaty Rights?

These questions will not go away. Leaving them unanswered means others will speak in our silence.

Elder John Fobister continues to remind everyone….

“We need to meet each other half ways to find a balance and restore our balance in life on this land”.

We will ask you for your guidance and what can be done within the forest process agreement underway. An agreement without people to make it is like a partridge without wings… it won’t fly and the snow and meat eating enemies will claim it in time.

We are asking you for your wisdom, your point of view and hopefully, in some way, what your heart and spirit ask you to share…


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  • Trappers Court Case

    The Ontario Government won the Trappers Court Case. Chief and Council of Grassy Narrows says that even if we lost this case we still have the rights to stop all mining and forestry operations on the Traditional Land Use Area (TLUA).
  • Legal View: What is the Ontario Process?

    Following many years of effort by our members and supporters to stop clearcutting in our traditional territory, the government of Ontario and particularly the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) eventually agreed to negotiate. The first step was the Framework Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), signed May 12, 2008. In the MOU, both sides agreed to develop […]
  • Contingency Plans Harvesting Proposed

    As you might have heard Abitibi Bowwater gave up its cutting license for the Whiskey Jack Forest. MNR had to write what they call a contingency plan. This is used when the usual forest management plans have to be changed outside the normal time periods. That contingency plan includes 3 areas close to the community. […]

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